Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is Us

Not We, not They, but US!

Why this? You ask.

This day, I write to speak, of the Quintessential Indian Woman, who is as timeless, and endless as the vastness of the breadth of experience of Life in this country.

This Quintessential Woman of yester-years had blossomed in days of yore, when women were given the due respect, in times when Humanity thrived, on basic values of self esteem and courtesy. Then forward to the regressive days, she thrived, a beautiful flower that adorns a cactus, forever in thorns, it seemed. She, today, is wondering if she is going to be plucked when she is in her prime to just be an ornament, and not bring to fruition all her dreams of living just as much herself, being who she always wanted to be, and not an object of conformity of others' ignoble ideals, customs and traditions. She too is human! How easily the world forgets this!!

In a society,where men are always treated as ‘individuals’, as those who have different choices,different temperaments, and where women are treated as a monolithic community who are all supposed to have similar choices, similar temperaments, similar tastes, it is important to make everyone realize how wrong that perception is.

If two women make two different choices on one single issue,it is automatically assumed that one of them has to be wrong.There are no in-betweens for Indian women.

Too often the voices of women in India are not heard and if they are at times, then the voices are conveniently ignored.

Most importantly, our voices are not heard on issues which affect us directly.

So here in this space I hope to bring to life that voice, along with others who want to make that difference. By just sharing of themselves, their views, their perspectives, and their wishes, dreams and aspirations for Her. For Me. For Us. To make a difference, in our own small way.

May I introduce them?

Indian Homemaker
, whom many of you have read, and learned from, the courage of conviction and refusal to bow down to injustice!

Solilo, whose balanced and heartwarming writing has touched so many of us. And incidentally she's is the gifted artist behind the banner, and the advisor on Art Work:)

Indyeah, the fiery and passionate young teacher/learner, who opens our eyes and and our sensitivity to so very much of our Heritage, our Memories, and jogs the sense of responsibility we need to discover and work with.

Usha Pisharody, a quixotic rambler she calls herself, led by the need to do what she can, to raise her voice, to hold hands to make the world a safer place, especially for Women and Children!

This is a venture, prompted by an impulse that suddenly took hold of us, and we met in the Indian Woman!

We look forward to your views, perspectives and notions!

Indian Woman :)


Soumya said...

All the wishes from an Indian man.


Indian Woman said...

It's good to see an Indian Man, first in, with positive wishes, Soumya. Thank you so much!

@lankr1ta said...

Way to go!

All the best!

Painting the Savanna... said...
I would love to join this community, to be aware and make people aware...Most of us have had the privilege of being brought up in a family where there has been no gender bias... but still there are inummerable.. where gals are denied a glass of milk and basic education.. coz their life has only one meaning for the family in which they are born -to be married off.

What a fate! we do take birth, but never live being ourself. Sometimes its the family, sometimes the society, sometimes its the constricted values.. and sometimes its only us who come in our own way of life,leaving our souls scarred and lives tainted...

I wish not to succumb

Winnie the poohi said...

I want in too!! Though I try to be as away from controversy as possible.. I do have my own ideas.. and I would love to express.. my id : (or

Smi said...

Hi my name is Smitha,being bought up in a family with well equipped broad minded people but taken a oath to make others happy. And that's being Indian.To be frank the posts I would do given a chance would be my dreams,achievements off course with some if then else loops inserted which are a part every woman.To bring here the voice of those woman who never spoke,to reach out my voice against those who have overheard before.

Good luck

Solilo said...

Thanks everyone for appreciating our efforts. We would like to work with all of you and take this initiative forward.

You are welcome to post guest posts and articles. Let this be our voice. Voice against gender inequality.

Bugsy said...

wow! great blog!

Varunavi said...

Great blog,loved the animation of chutki

astralwicks said...

good initiative this. one suggestion. whereas it is true injustice should catch our eye more often so that it can be set right it also is important to see and celebrate examples that break the stereotype, give hope and become trailblazers. one such story that i want to share is of khushboo mirza - a scientist at ISRO. Do google and get inspired.


Anonymous said...

Loved the site! :) Havent read much here... Will do so now!

Kudos to the four women! :)