Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Voices, Action, Focus!

With a key issue, of Gender Equality, uppermost in our minds, we take stock of what is happening as voices gather to act, and focus, on stressing upon Constitutional Rights, especially for Freedom and Equality.

With inputs from different virtual spaces, real issues are being faced, challenges are being taken up, and Valentine's Day is a test of fire, for making a difference here, for women, and indeed for men. We aren't going to take it anymore. Not from anyone who presumes to dictate to the Indian population what culture, values and morality mean.

Here is what Indyeah is involved in. Joining a protest march in Delhi, on 14th February. Read more on it here, at Namrata's blog, Stand Up To Moral Policing.

Indian Homemaker, in has plans for all of us, wherever it be. And it's a pretty pink one! You can read about it on the sidebar of her blog.

And Solilo, though far away in the US, is protesting and adding her voice for Freedom and Equality in her own way, through this wonderful post "Here a Pink, there a drink, everywhere a Pink-Drink"!

Take a look at this, the much spoken about "Pink Chaddi Campaign", a novel way to ensure a non violent, humourous and novel way to protest and change a tyrant's mind, and heart!

Here is our team wishing all of these movements, engaged in the sole pursuit of regaining self esteem and dignity of humanity, all success!

Jai Ho, for a sensible, balanced and equal tomorrow!


Solilo said...

Jai Ho! May all peace protests give some sense to the culture vultures.

Poonam said...

Wah! Glad to see Pink chaddi abhiyaan going places. Some trolls did arrive at my blog where I have blogged about pink chaddis. When you have detractors, you know you are ging places. :)

Kashmirviews said...

I wonder what will happen to these chaddi senders if the people for whom these items are sent fall in line and do vice-versa---
I guess Indian women has been morally degraded more from this activity than what BJP goons did.

your well wisher.

Hey hi, i wonder how Kashmiri women who have been subjected to rape, gang and collective rape by the troopers ( read amnesty international report) could peacefully launch a campaign on their suffferngs..
any idea

Indian Home Maker said...

@Kashmirviews I know a lot of people think that a woman can be 'degraded by sending her a man's underwear' or by stripping her and parading her in the streets - But the idea of Pink Chaddi Campaign is exactly to refuse to accept such conditioned-degradation.

She may find it annoying or a nuisance, but she can not be degraded so easily. I think a woman's dignity is not to be taken so lightly.

Can just sending of some male underwear degrade her? That is what the Pink Chaddis Campaign answers. The PCC tells Muthalik and others of his kind, that

Our dignity is ours. No act of hooliganism, no sending of male underwear, no street sexual assault (euphemistically called eve-teasing), no striping and walking us in the streets of Orissa, no tearing of our clothes in pubs, no filthy acts of YOURS can SHAME US. THIS SHAME BELONGS TO YOU.
Do click on the words to read the whole post, I would like to know if I am able to express what I feel ...

Indian Home Maker said...

@ About women of Kashmir, I wish we could take away the SHAME from the victim, and that will be a move ... Once the woman has the courage to speak up without being made to feel she has been degraded, and once she can complain we will find the battle will begin, ...right now there is no battle, there are only victims.

Let them talk about it, ... I am confident they will find full support. I only know of one odd case like the recent one in the news, and that was because that woman spoke up, she was pregnant and was raped by four militants, while her son and her husband were beaten up and thrown out of their house.

@lankr1ta said...

IHm, the PC has doen something right

They are burning them!!!! Obviously irritated by hem Chaddis!