Monday, June 8, 2009


Guest Post Contributed by Imp's Mom

Thanks for sharing Imp's Mom :)


She is worshiped
She is treasured
She is given all the luxuries of life that can be offered


She does not have Freedom

Freedom to make her own choices
Freedom to make her own mistakes
Freedom to live her life in her own terms
Freedom to learn from her own mistakes

Give her an education
Give her a chance to make it worthwhile
Give her a chance to grow, show her the love and watch her blossom

She is no less than a son.

Say NO to Gender Inequality


Solilo said...

IM, You have said it in simple words. A daughter is no less than a son. Don't teach her housework instead give her education.

Indyeah said...

so true have written it beautifully.

A country where devis are worshipped but a gender is treated at times like so much garbage..

Education makes all the not just the girl but an entire generation..educate a girl ,empower a generation, strenghten a nation..

Kislay said...

Beautiful poem . I say , you teach your son how to cook and do housework as well . Will do him good .

Imp's Mom said...

Solio, Indyeah and Kislay... Thanks!

Education is a definite first step, but she should also be given a chance to live her life...